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To start using CREATE, you need to apply for a project and user account using this web form. Before doing so, please first read the instructions on what type of CREATE access you need - Get Started in CREATE - and read the CREATE Usage Policy. Then use the appropriate web form to submit your request.

For PIs, project leaders, and sponsors only, the form below is the mechanism to provide DETER project staff with key information required to confirm eligibility to use CREATE and to set up a user account. A DETER project staff member will contact you using the email address you provide. An organization-affiliated email address is required. Other email addresses (Gmail, Hotmail, email addresses from ISPs) are not accepted.

If you already have a DETERLab account, please log on first!.
If you are still not quite ready to start and need additional assistance, please contact us.

Students may not fill out this form. Students must have a faculty sponsor fill out this form in order to create a supervised project. Your sponsor will give you instructions on how to join as a member if the application is approved.

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